Rola Eljamal and Samir Hawasli
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My sister Rola is married to Samir Hawasli. The have 3 superb kids: Rami, the young gentleman, Tala, the young Lady, and Tiani, the everlasting angel.  

Last Update: 16-Feb-2004 . Click on a picture to enlarge.

Rola... my sister... as gorgeous as ever... see her below, 11 years ago and she is still gorgeous.
Rola in 1993... she discovered alexir of life!
Rami, the man of the family. Now he looks more gorgeous.
Rami tames everybody, including the dolphins.
... and tigers.
Tala... with thee beauty of the Goddesses
Subduing the tigers
Tiana... Akher Al 3anqoud
Tiana, on the right, with face paint
Rola, on the left with her brother Hadi, on the right, in a picture taken in 192 in a restaurant in Bhamdoun
Rola and her husband Samir on their wedding night.
Rola with a friend
Rola in 1984, taken in her parents house in Beirut. As I remember, taking a small break between studies.
Rola in 1966. She's the naughty one on the right.
Tala and her cousing in a Fruit Farm - 1998
Tala in 1993

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