Hadi Eljamal and Mirna Shehab
Pages about the best Brother ever
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My brother Hadi is married to a wonderful woman, Mirna Shehab. Here are some pages about them and their gorgeous kids: Ny and Mia.

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Hadi (on the right) with the cousins living in Lebanon (Left to Right): Maher, Hisham, Toufic. Great familia.
Hadi and his talented and charming wife Mirna with their eldest daughter Ny. Great family.
Their daughter Ny, with her ever smiling face.
Their younger daughter, Mia... elegance with birth
Our Dad, Suhail, carrying Mia.
Hadi and Ny... notice the smile
Ny carrying her younger sister Mia
Hadi in a rare picture (He asked to remove it... I didn't!)
Young Hadi on our Balcony... in the early 80's.
Mia in 2002
Ny. A picture hanging on a fridge
Ny and Tiana in one of their parties.
Ny and Mia in a 2002 webcam picture.
Hadi and Mirna in their honeymoon in Vienna, 1997
Family gathering in Hadi and Mirna's Kitab.
Hadi and Mirna's Wedding picture, 1997.
Hadi with his two daughters Ny and Mia,2003.
Mia, one year old. Killing look! I love the look.
Mia in 2003.
Mia 8 months old.
Mia's first steps, 9 months.
Mia's first gown.
Mia in her boat, Sep 2003.
Ny First day at school.
Ny, 2 years old.
Ny, 40 days old.
Ny with parents at school.
Ny, the first Jamal Balarena.
Ny wearing Lebanese traditional clothes.
Gorgeous, from day 1!
Our princess.
Taking the right stand for a princess.

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