Ahmad Al Jamal and Suhaila El Hibri
Pages about my Jido (Granfather) and Teta (Grandmother)
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Last update: February 5, 2004. Click on a picture to enlarge.

Relationship My Paternal Grandfather My Paternal Grandmother
Name Ahmad (Jido Abo Suhail) Suhaila (Teta Im Suhail)
Father's Name Mohamed Saed Sheik M. Tawfic El Hibri
Mother's Name Jamila Al Kasti Fahmiyah Habib
Children Suhail, Bashir, Fawzi m. Elena, Mohammad m. Maha, Ghazi and Mona m. Khairuddin Ghannoum*
Talents Creativity, custom attorney Wisdom, patience, perception and far sightedness
Pictures of Ahmad and Suhaila
Both of them in one shot.

Inn their garden in Bhamdoun with their grandchild (my sister) Rola.

Unsuhail in one of the social events.
3 Generations: Umsuhail with her son Suhail, daughter Mona and grand daughter Rola.

* m. stands for "married to".
More to come about their lives.

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